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Download Operator SDK

Go to the operator-sdk repo and follow the fork guide to fork and set up a local repository.

Build the Operator SDK CLI

Build the Operator SDK CLI operator-sdk binary:

make install


See the testing and documentation guides for more information.


See the release guide for more information.

Continuous Integration (CI)

The operator-sdk repo uses Travis CI to test each pull request and build images for both master commits and releases. You can alter these processes by modifying this .travis.yml config file.

Testing builds with new architectures

Follow these steps to execute the Travis Deploy stage against your branch to demonstrate that the merge build will complete as expected.

  • Enable Travis in your fork repository. See this guide for more information.
  • Create public image repos for each image built by make image-build; make sure the registry used supports multi-arch images, like
    • For each image type, you need one repo for the manifest list and one for each architecture being tested.
  • Set each image variable (that ends in _IMAGE, not _BASE_IMAGE) found in the Makefile as an environment variable in .travis.yml, ex. export SCORECARD_TEST_IMAGE=<registry>/<username>/scorecard-test:latest
  • Create a PR with your configuration changes to your fork, with the first commit message containing [travis deploy].
    • This commit is only for testing on your fork’s PR. This commit/message should not be present in an operator-sdk repo PR.
  • Ensure the image builds for that PR pass.
  • Create a PR to the operator-sdk repo with a description containing a link to the Travis build page showing a successful deployment stage with your changes.