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Development kit for building Kubernetes extensions and tools.


Development kit for building Kubernetes extensions and tools.

Provides libraries and tools to create new projects, APIs and controllers. Includes tools for packaging artifacts into an installer container.

Typical project lifecycle:

  • initialize a project:

    operator-sdk init –domain –license apache2 –owner “The Kubernetes authors”

  • create one or more a new resource APIs and add your code to them:

    operator-sdk create api –group –version –kind

Create resource will prompt the user for if it should scaffold the Resource and / or Controller. To only scaffold a Controller for an existing Resource, select “n” for Resource. To only define the schema for a Resource without writing a Controller, select “n” for Controller.

After the scaffold is written, api will run make on the project.

operator-sdk [flags]


  # Initialize your project
  operator-sdk init --domain --license apache2 --owner "The Kubernetes authors"

  # Create a frigates API with Group: ship, Version: v1beta1 and Kind: Frigate
  operator-sdk create api --group ship --version v1beta1 --kind Frigate

  # Edit the API Scheme
  nano api/v1beta1/frigate_types.go

  # Edit the Controller
  nano controllers/frigate_controller.go

  # Install CRDs into the Kubernetes cluster using kubectl apply
  make install

  # Regenerate code and run against the Kubernetes cluster configured by ~/.kube/config
  make run


  -h, --help      help for operator-sdk
      --verbose   Enable verbose logging